Inspect is a record of physical interaction with spaces that pose a risk to human health. Wearing a discarded decontamination suit, Bakker touches wallpaper, tred on collapsed plaster and test light fittings.

Colin Perry writes: ‘Inspect (2011) is a short video in which the artist shuffles around the abandoned edifice of Hornsey Town Hall, north London, dressed in a decontamination suit that fits like an oversized prophylactic. He moves with comic timing and posture, Buster Keaton in a baby grow.’

Inspect was recorded inside the derelict caretaker’s flat at Hornsey Town Hall in 2010.

Inspect (standard definition video, 2011, colour, sound, 4.15 mins) was shown alongside the videos Still and Wanderlust, 7/8 May 2011, Hornsey Library, London N8, Crouch End Open Studios 2011.

Inspect Roelof Bakker

Inspect Roelof Bakker

Inspect (standard definition video, 2011, colour, sound, 4.15 mins), stills from video