The photographs of Leap, expose human wear and tear on sports equipment in the sports hall of a north London school. The photographs explore the action of making physical leaps in sport and the impact it leaves. Every piece of sports equipment holds a history of personal stories, as each participant has left their mark on it.

As part of Baker’s research, he looked back on his fondness for gymnastics as a child growing up in the Netherlands.“ I never thought I could excel at sports, as I had no aptitude for activities like football, for which I was always picked last. But the first time I leapt over a vaulting horse I realised there were sports I could enjoy and even excel at.”

Analogue photography workshops were conducted with children from year 3 (ages 7-8) and year 5 (ages 9-10) at South Harringay Junior School in north London. The children used disposable film cameras to record sports equipment in their school.

Leap was a commission by Haringey Council for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, the work included in the group show OOOOOH ART at Bruce Castle Museum, Lordship Lane, London N17 8NU, 25 July to 23 September 2012.


Leap Training Ball Roelof Bakker Bruce Castle Museum

‘ Ball (3)’

‘Racket (4)’

Leap Roelof Bakker Vaulting Horse

‘Vaulting Horse’