Printed Lies


Printed Lies is a reconstruction in book form of the Vote Leave campaign video, Which NHS will you vote for? The book is made up of screengrabs printed in the order of the original video.

The story is simple: an elderly woman falls ill and her daughter takes her to A&E. The left page shows what happens to her INSIDE THE EU, the right page shows the scenario OUTSIDE THE EU.

My work often records traces and marks left by others; here, the images on the pages labelled OUTSIDE THE EU imply all traces of people like me, EU citizens living in the UK, have been erased – as if by magic.

This video, originally broadcast 23 May 2016, stayed with me as a symbol of whipped up xenophobia towards EU citizens, now part of every day life in the UK. I sensed the importance of turning the video into a physical record with its own ISBN number, a book to be kept in perpetuity at the British Library.

In a review for The New European, Steve Anglesey calls the book, “A devastating work of 76 pages and less than 400 words” and writes, “I’m not sure I’ve read a more compelling illustration of why Leave won than Printed Lies.”

A large silent projection of the original Vote Leave video was presented as Projected Lies, as part of the group show ‘Brexitopia’ curated by Ahmed Farooqui and Esperanza Gomez-Carerra. (Especio Gallery, London E2, September 2017.

Printed Lies
Negative Press London
ISBN 978-0-9573828-4-8
Published 21 November 2017
Sold out

Printed Lies, Negative Press London, Brexit, Vote Leave

Printed Lies, Negative Press London, Brexit, Vote Leave

Printed Lies, cover, Negative Press London