Selected work


Recent videos (2021)

Three video works: The Other Side of the Hedge, Eavesdropping and What Colour My Lungs?


The Spots That Never Went – artist’s book (2018) and exhibition (2020)

An artist’s book and subsequent exhibition confront the devastation of AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s and comment on how the AIDS crisis continues to impact on a generation of gay men and their friends and families.


Eavesdropping – with Dr Jane Wildgoose (2021)

A video and a series of cyanotype prints comment on the dynamic relationship between muse and photographer, while exploring the potential of the cyanotype process to create unique impressions from the same negative.


Unprocessed (2020) and A Boy’s Own Trauma (2020)

An artist’s book responds visually to research for Bakker’s article ‘A Boy’s Own Trauma: Revisiting a Photograph Recorded in a Nazi Concentration Camp First Encountered as a Child’ (European Journal of Life Writing).


After the Fall (2019)

A multi-layered body of work responds to two unconnected accidents both involving head injuries, the Ruskin Gallery exhibition (MA Fine Art 2019, Cambridge School of Art) was awarded the 2019 Cambridge Artworks Residency.

Fragile (2020)

A postcard links the impact of viruses across space and time – the 1980s AIDS crisis with the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, while also exploring ideas around photography, books and marks left by the interaction of others.

Strong Room – with Dr Jane Wildgoose (2014)

An artist’s book shows photographed traces of past human activity alongside writing about the loss of tangible experiences and the lack of physical presence in the digital world.

Wanderlust (London, UK, 2011)

In a chronological log of video observations recorded during walks in London, the camera operates like a mobile CCTV, recording fragments of life unfolding. American photographer Christine Carr made a Roanoke-based film using the same approach in 2012.

Still (2010-2012)

A site-specific body of work breathes life into a dormant vacated public building (Hornsey Town Hall, London), combining an artist’s residency, exhibitions, a video film, a collaborative print publication and a short story competition.