Roelof Bakker, CV

Born Leeuwarden, Netherlands

2019 MA (Distinction) Fine Art, Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge, UK (MA show awarded 2019 Cambridge Artspace Residency)

Selected exhibitions and events  
2021 Photofusion, artist’s talk/Negative Press London, 25 November
2021 London Independent Photography, artist’s talk, 18 November
2021 The Spots That Never Went, solo show, Photofusion, London, 21 October 2021 to 3 December
2021 Unprocessed in Prima Facia, curated by Amir Brito Cador, 8 July to 31 August, Bower Ashton Library, Bristol
2021 The Other Side of the Hedge and Unprocessed in Bristol Artists Book Event, BABE2021 – The Lost Weekend, Arnolfini, Bristol  
2021 What Colour My Lungs? in Surveillance, Sedition and Shelley, Bookmarks/Riversmeet Press event
2020-2021 The Queer Hut Residency, Linton, Cambridgeshire
2020 Unprocessed in Why Publish? at Bower Ashton Library, UWE, Bristol
2020 These Pleasures a Wayward Distraction in Reality and its Disorders, Degrees of Freedom, Espacio Gallery, London
2020 Fragile in Should we have stayed at home and thought of here?, World Book Night 2020, United Artists, virtual exhibition
2020 The Spots That Never Went, solo show, Cambridge Artspace, Gay History Month, Cambridge
2019/2020 Artquest peer group at Photographer’s Gallery London, facilitator Daniel Regan
2019/2020 Not Knowing You, Not Knowing Me in Salon 19, Photofusion, London
2019 Cambridge Artworks Residency, Cambridge
2019 After the Fall, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge
2019 The Spots That Never Went in Print: A Catalyst for Social Change, Bury Art Museum, Bury
2019 Night Walks, London Independent Photography, analogue slideshow and talk, London
2019 The Spots That Never Went, artist’s talk, Photofusion, London
2018 How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here Mother, talk at Dialogues of the Dead, King’s College, London
2017 Projected Lies in The Republic of Brexitopia, Espacio Gallery, London
2017 Yellow, reading at Polari Literary Salon, Southbank Centre, London
2016 How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here Mother, solo show and talk at Dutch Centre, London
2015 Beneden/below, Grote Enk, Arnhem, Netherlands
2015 London Short Story Festival, Waterstones, Piccadilly, Unthank Books event – reading Green
2014 Polycopies Photobook Fair, Paris Photo, Strong Room represented by Kaleid Editions
2014 Strong Room in F Book Show, 72 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2013 Selector 25th Annual Members Exhibition, London Independent Photography with Francis Hodgson and Colin Pantall
2012 Leap in Oooooh Art, Bruce Castle Museum, London
2012 Still, exhibition and author event, Foyles, London
2012 Wanderlust in Marginal Arts Festival, Roanoke, Virginia, US
2011 Wanderlust in The Meantime Multiplex 2011, Meantime Project Space, Cheltenham Spa
2010 Analogue photography workshop, year 3 (ages 7-8) and year 5 students (ages 9-10), South Harringey Junior School
2010 Still, solo show and event, Hornsey Town Hall, London

Selected publications
2020 Unprocessed (Negative Press London)
2019 The Book Arts Newsletter, No 129, December 2019-January 2020, cover artist 
2018 The Spots That Never Went (Negative Press London)
2018 ‘Curtains and Windows’, David Rose and Roelof Bakker, Confingo, issue 10 (Confingo Publishing)
2017 Printed Lies (Negative Press London)
2017 ‘Yellow’ (fiction), Unthology 9 (Unthank Books)
2016 How Many Hopes Lie Buried Here Mother (Negative Press London)
2015 ‘Green’ (fiction), Unthology 7 (Unthank Books)
2015 ‘Blue’ (fiction), Unthology 6 (Unthank Books)
2014 ‘Red’ (fiction), Unthology 5 (Unthank Books)
2014 Strong Room (Negative Press London), Roelof Bakker and Jane Wildgoose
2012 Still (Negative Press London)
2011 ‘Books’, Rethink: Idea, Output, Exchange, Issue 1 (editors Portland Green and Michael Atavar)

Negative Press London ( books are in international collections, including: 
Wellcome Foundation Library, London; Chelsea College of Arts Library, London; Artists’ Books Collection, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Centre for Fine Print Research Archives, Bristol; The Museum of Modern Art Library, New York; Brooklyn Museum, New York; Yale Centre for British Art, Newhaven; Artists’ Book Collection, Bavarian State Library, Munich, Germany; Library Project Collection, Photo Ireland, Dublin; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

2021 Exhibition review ‘The Spots That Never Went’, Photomonitor, Mitchell Moreno
2020 ‘The Spots That Never Went, the Creative Processes and Thinking Behind the Making of an Artist’s Book’, Roelof Bakker, The Blue Notebook, journal for artists’ books, Vol 14, No 2, spring/summer 2020 (Impact Press at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE Bristol)
2020 ‘A Boy’s Own Trauma: Revisiting a Photograph Recorded in a Nazi Concentration Camp First Encountered as a Child’, Roelof Bakker, European Journal of Life Writing, Vol 9, July 2020,
2018 ‘Strong Room: Material Memories and the Digital Record’, Jane Wildgoose and Roelof Bakker, European Journal of Life Writing, Vol 7 (2018)

2020-2021 The Queer Hut, Cambridgeshire
2019 Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge
2015 De Grote Enk, Arnhem, Netherlands
2010 Hornsey Town Hall, London

2021 LGBTQ+ Encompass Network, Cambridge, Open Short Stories, First Prize
2019 Winner Cambridge Artworks Residency, Cambridge
2019 The Spots That Never Went, Highly Commended Finalist, Cornish Family Prize for Art and Design Publishing, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
2013 Runner-up Best Mixed Anthology, Saboteur Awards
2011 First Prize, London Photographic Association Still Life 5

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