Eavesdropping – with Jane Wildgoose 

Cyanotype portraits and video, 2021

Eavesdropping explores the potential of the cyanotype process to create multiple impressions from one image. I contact-printed twenty-five unique cyanotype portraits from the same negative of a portrait of artist Jane Wildgoose. A short film explores the animating qualities of the prints when placed in a timeline; the images slowly merging with a video portrait of the same scene.

Words, written and read by Jane Wildgoose and recorded during a talk, accompany the film. The text taken out of context becomes a comment on the dynamic relationship between muse and photographer, subject and viewer, of watching and being watched. 

Cyanotype portraits and video of Jane Wildgoose by Roelof Bakker. Text from a live reading by Jane Wildgoose from her essay ‘A Visit to the Archives’ in Strong Room (Roelof Bakker & Jane Wildgoose, Negative Press London, 2014).

Cyanotype portraits on Arches Platine, 310gsm, 8.3cm x11cm
High definition video, colour, sound, 1:37 min, 2021 

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Roelof Bakker, all rights reserved, 2021