The Other Side of the Hedge, video

The Long Lost Weekend Playlist at BABE 2021, Bristol

A printed dummy of an unpublished artist’s book combining photography and written text is reappropriated and reinvented as a short film.

Inkjet-printed pages showing photographs made during a canal-side walk in Tottenham, London, are the raw materials for spontaneous play with paper, form, narration and sound, in a digital video collage juxtaposing photographs of spiderwebs and peeling paint with a harsh reality on the other side of the hedge: traces of a hidden shanty town, previously home to a group of East European immigrants.
A narrator questions his relationship with photography, asking, ‘Should I take this photograph or should I not bother?’, whilst documenting human hardship in one of the world’s richest cities, wondering, “What am I going to do with these photographs now that I’ve taken them?”

With thanks to Sarah Bodman, Elizabeth Doak and Gisela Torres

The accompanying birdsong was recorded during a self-assigned lockdown residency at The Queer Hut, a desolate wooden structure on a disused railway embankment overlooking fields in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

Included in Bristol Artists Book Event April 2021, Arnolfini, Bristol, The Lost Weekend Playlist at]

High definition video, colour, sound, 4:40 min, 2021

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